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Candy Kids Wear Blazers (CKWB)



Small business  Sweet Candy Café launched Candy Kids Wear Blazers (CKWB), a year long, entrepreneurship program to teach young kids about professionalism, hospitality, and being a business owner in a kid-friendly environment.  Sweet Candy Café provides each participant with a blazer and a candy necklace as a uniform.

The Candy Kids Wear Blazers participants, the Candy Kids, meet bi-monthly at Sweet Candy Café and spend the day working and learning about the many facets of business ownership. The Candy Kids complete daily projects tailored to their age group, and learn a variety of skills that transfer to day-to-day school activities.   


The CKWB curriculum includes but is not limited to:


  • Counting and tracking candy inventory

  • The importance of sampling products (taste, texture and temperature)

  • How to write hand-written thank you notes to customers

  • Greeting customers (entering the store and leaving)


Founded by Sweet Candy Café owner, Felicia “Lisa” Evans Long, CKWB shows young kids it’s okay to be different, to stand out in your own unique way and don’t follow the trends—set your own. Evans Long’s motto is appearance is everything and there is something nostalgic about wearing a sharp blazer, white cotton shirt and a brooch.  

The program is an experience the kids are sure to enjoy and remember. 

  • 2017 Cohort One - 4 girls

  • 2018 Cohort Two - 3 girls

  • 2019 Cohort Three - 3 girls

Take a peek at all the fun and and learning the Cohort experiences in our gallery below!

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