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Lavish Lux Hair Salon's 1st Anniversary

On August 29, 2020, small business owner and Lumberton native Felicia Evans Long celebrates the

1st anniversary of her second business in Historic Downtown Lumberton, Lavish Lux Hair Salon. The salon will hold a small celebration with Sweet Candy Café goodies while maintaining

social distancing guidelines.

On August 30, 2019, Lavish Lux Hair Salon’s grand opening kicked off with a ribbon cutting ceremony held by the Lumberton Chamber of Commerce and attended by the Lumberton Mayor and other Lumberton Officials, community supporters, and building owner Mr. Dick Taylor and his wife.

Located next to her original store, Sweet Candy Café, Evans Long credits Mr. Taylor for allowing her to be creative with the North Chestnut Street building spaces. “It’s my goal to bring more foot traffic to our Downtown area and giving the buildings a little face lift along the way,” said Evans Long. “People like to visit and shop in pretty places and that's the experience we provide at Lavish Lux Hair Salon and Sweet Candy Café.”

Evans Long believes the community will shop locally and attract more businesses to the Downtown area. She is proud to be a small part of Downtown’s revitalization with her two small business storefronts. “We still have a long way to go and I hope I'm around to see our Downtown make a full transition to a place where people gather consistently, not just seasonally. One day, there will be a waitlist of retailers seeking to rent space because the Downtown area has become so popular. At least, that’s my hope,” says Evans Long.

Evans Long is the daughter of Odessa Evans McMillan of Lumberton, and Dr. Wilson A. Lacy of Fayetteville, NC. She continues her small business commitment after losing business partner and husband, Tim Long, in 2014.

About Lavish Lux Hair Salon

Lavish Lux Hair Salon is a new upscale hair salon in Downtown Lumberton, North Carolina. For the latest news and updates on Lavish Lux Hair Salon, like us on Facebook

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